The Health and Yoga :


HealthAndYoga Services have been created with a genuine desire to help reach Yoga to the most diversified segment so that each can derive benefit in its own unique way. To this end, we are immensely satisfied to mention that we have sustained our FREE Online Consultation Service through qualified experts – right from inception. This, despite the huge load it has placed upon our resources in view of the rapidly growing traffic.

HealthAndYoga Web Services help tech-phobic yoga teachers and yoga studios tap the Internet opportunity at a fair price. Likewise with the launch of our Yoga for Children & Corporate Yoga services, we hope to extend the gamut of HealthAndYoga Services even further.

The HealthAndYoga Inbound Yoga Tour Services into India have been designed to provide the World visitors a “genuine” taste of yoga, including Ashram stays, in the World Capital of Yoga.

With a broad vision, HealthAndYoga continues to evolve. Please keep visiting back to know of exciting developments that will be announced here from time to time.