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About Us.

HealthAndYoga.com provides the Platform to all those who are associated with Health and Yoga or would like to be associated with Natural Health and Yoga.

What is HealthAndYoga.com?

Our Amicable main site focuses on convenience of different services related with Yoga and Natural Health. From Beginners to Yoga experts all can attain help from this platform. Useful Informative articles on different aspects of Yoga and meditation, Yoga Teacher Training courses and retreats to revitalize your senses, all is just a click away. The most interesting aspect of this portal is the presence of different unconventional but extremely beneficial tools related with Yoga and Health at utterly reasonable prices.

What we hope to achieve?

Yoga in spite of being widely recognized and acknowledged all over the world remains a fragmented and disorganized offering. Through HealthAndYoga.com, we hope to organize the World’s information on Yoga and enhance it simultaneously. We aim to make HealthAndYoga.com increasingly valuable to all people who have the remotest yet diversified interest in Yoga and Natural Health.

What is our structure?

HealthAndYoga.com works as a family where all the members believe in the Yoga Value system and devote themselves progressively to mark Yoga and its benefits all over the world. Positive approach and strong ethics is one common link running through all the team associates. Still the most remarkable thread that has bound all is a genuine love and concern but, perhaps the most important thread that runs through all is a genuine love and concern for all those who associate with us at HealthAndYoga.


HealthAndYoga.com is highly obliged to the several learned personalities who actually cultivate the vision for us. Unknowingly they have shown us the path of natural health through Yoga. Most of them are not even aware of unfolding at HealthAndYoga.com. To name a few, Dr. Jayadeva & Hansaben of the Yoga Institute, Swami Satyananda Saraswati ji, the founder of Bihar School of Yoga, Swami Omananda Saraswati, Ma Gurupremanda Saraswati and Swami Anandakapila.

Health And Yoga

Learn all about yoga from a beginners perspective including meditation , yoga cleansing methods , pregnancy yoga , pranayama , travel to yoga destinations and discover exciting yoga supplies such as yoga mats , neti pot , and much more